It feels always good to hear we left footprints and we are definitely stronger together !

Here is a thank you letter from Kaltrina Morine from Kosovo, a student in University of Pristina who discovered about our project ‘The Advocacy for Young People in Kosovo”. We are more than honored to publish it, share the support it give us and say thank you back to you Kaltrina. We will continue to support young kosovar for a sustainable Kososvo and together we will make a change.

“This summer in Kosovo”“Sustainable Kosovo conference”

Dear Mrs.Stephanie

I am Kaltrina Morina from Kosovo- Pristine. I am a student in University of Pristine in Kosovo. Today as I was exploring through internet, I found and read an article about the project that ThinkYoung organized which took place in Kosovo – ‘The Advocacy for Young People in Kosovo”.
Personally, I want to thank you about the idea of organizing it here as you know we have many problems for example young
unemployment and this is what is happening to me right now cause I am unemployed
Project like you have organized are always welcomed to us because we can share our ideas and experiences with other young people
from Europe here in Kosovo as far as we still cannot travel without visa. But we are trying to make possible to move freely and study
abroad which is my biggest wish, to study Master somewhere in EU but our possibilities, unfortunately, are limited.

We know that only youngsters can bring changes and so we are trying to do. But we really need your help. European Help.
I am sad because I couldn’t be part of you project but I hope that you will organize some other projects like the opportunity to
study abroad and our integration in European society.
If you organize any kind of project in which Kosovo young people are included please let me know, I would be very happy to be part of them.

I hope I did not take your time,

Kaltrina Morina

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